We at ThisWeek Middle East would like to offer my views on the launch of our new website.

Our humble intention is for our stories to speak for themselves – that they need no editorializing. Our aim is tell the world of our region’s joys and its trials, how we navigate them, and of our progress as part of the human race.

We publish ThisWeek Middle East at a time when the people of this region need a voice. To others, our humanness has been lost in translation. Our voice seems mute; our rejoinders to the world reverberating in an echo-chamber of our own making. We are now in need of a filter – and indeed an amplifier of our own stories. It is time to alter this course of history, and to write our own future.

The Web for us may be a new frontier, but we understand that ThisWeek Middle East requires diligence, and an alertness to the human struggles and vicissitudes of life. Through words, we can explore the ideas around us in a way that no other medium can.

Throughout our time in the region, we have had the good fortune to observe the UAE’s phenomenal growth – as a progenitor of talent and hope, and as an icon of global possibilities. It was thus a fitting location from which to publish the magazine.

We are certain of one thing at ThisWeek Middle East: our commitment to our role as part of the “fourth estate”: we must speak to the concerns of the common man, woman or child on the street, as well as the public intellectual.