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U.K. Scientists Give Cancer Risk Warning on Overdone Chips, Toast

By Kate Kelland LONDON, Jan 23 – Potatoes and bread cooked at high temperatures for a long time could increase the risk of cancer in people who eat them regularly, British government scientists said on Monday. The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) said a substance called acrylamide, produced when starchy foods are roasted, fried or grilled for too long at high temperatures, has been found in animal studies to increase the risk of cancer. In a statement that drew criticism from some independent experts, the FSA said that, to reduce the danger, consumers should cook these foods at lower...

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The Psychology Behind Emojis

We all use emojis every day, they have become a massive part of our life. Emojis are soon even going to have their own Hollywood movie. Really. Look. Anyway, have you ever thought about the psychology behind emojis? There’s a lot more science and experiments involved than you would imagine. And there is a lot more that cyberpsychologists need to experiment. Honestly, there cyberpsychologists exist. Watch this video to find out more: Interesting,...

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When Kevin Costner introduced Lisa: A look back at Apple’s first computer to feature a mouse

Before he was dancing with wolves he was dabbling with a mouse. Embodying that casual yet hardworking look complete with just slightly mussed up hair, blue jeans and a shirt that says “I’m professional but I’m not going to acknowledge the top two buttons here,” Kevin Costner helped showcase the workplace efficiency that would be ushered in by Apple. The computer released on Jan. 19, 1983, its commercial highlights the Lisa’s revolutionary new accessory, the first ever computer mouse. Moreover, the simplicity offered by the Lisa and its pioneering implementation of a graphical user interface suggest an unparalleled ease...

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Are ‘natural’ cigarette smokers being misled?

By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) – Natural American Spirit tobacco products are marketed as “natural” and “additive-free,” and many users think that means the cigarettes are safer to smoke, according to a recent U.S. study. This raises the concern that people who might otherwise quit smoking might switch to American Spirit instead, thinking they will be safer, the researchers write in the journal Tobacco Control. In a national survey of smokers, almost 64 percent of Natural American Spirit users considered their own brand to be “safer” than other cigarettes, while only 8 percent of those who used other tobacco...

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Trump order paves way for agencies to weaken health law

By David Morgan and Susan Cornwell | WASHINGTON President Donald Trump is ordering federal agencies to undermine Obamacare through regulatory action, a move that could weaken enforcement of the requirement for Americans to buy health coverage and give insurers leeway to drop some benefits. Trump’s first executive order, signed hours after taking office on Friday, directs the federal government to scale back regulations, taxes and penalties under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Republican lawmakers, who are working on new legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, praised the order as showing Trump’s commitment to gutting...

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Amazon’s Dash button goes online

Amazon.com Inc has put its popular Dash button on its website and mobile app, making it easier for shoppers to buy their favorite items such as peanut butter, detergent and paper towels. The online retailer launched its thumb-sized Dash button in 2015, allowing Prime members to re-order products such as Tide detergent, Huggies diapers and Gillette products by pushing a button. Prime customers can create virtual dash button on “millions” of Prime eligible products on Amazon, the company said in a video. (amzn.to/2kaDk2t) The online retailer said that it was also automatically creating virtual Dash buttons for products that...

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China sets up $14.6 billion internet investment fund: Xinhua

By Dominique Patton | BEIJING China has set up a 100 billion yuan ($14.55 billion) fund to support investment in the internet sector, said official news agency Xinhua on Sunday. The fund, backed by China’s cabinet, is designed to help turn China into a major player in internet technology, said the report. An initial 30 billion yuan has already been raised from major banks and telecoms firms including ICBC, China Mobile and China Unicom. Up to 150 billion yuan in credit will be available to companies that have been invested by the fund, Xinhua said. China said earlier this...

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As nuclear loss grows, Toshiba needs chip investors, soon

By Makiko Yamazaki and Kentaro Hamada | TOKYO With mounting writedowns from its nuclear business, Japan’s Toshiba Corp is looking to sell part of its core semiconductors business, a world No.2 in the flash memory chips used in smartphones. But its rush to plug a hole in its U.S. nuclear business that Japanese media now estimate at as much as $6 billion may complicate any asset sale. Toshiba, which warned last month of multi-billion dollar charges for U.S. nuclear project cost overruns, wants to boost its capital base by the end of the financial year in March.  Failure to...

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Pesticide horror in Texas home kills four children, hospitalizes six others

AMARILLO, Tex. — A poisonous gas believed to have been released when someone tried to wash away a pesticide that had been sprayed under a Texas home killed four children and left six other people hospitalized, officials said Monday. Phosphine gas was likely released when water mixed with the pest control chemical, Amarillo fire officials said. A specific cause of death had not been released for the four children Monday afternoon. The other six people who were in the home are “not out of the woods yet,” fire officials said. Crews who responded to a 5 a.m. call to...

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Dog fight: Start-ups take aim at errant drones

By Jeremy Wagstaff and Swati Pandey A boom in consumer drone sales has spawned a counter-industry of start-ups aiming to stop drones flying where they shouldn’t, by disabling them or knocking them out of the sky. Dozens of start-up firms are developing techniques – from deploying birds of prey to firing gas through a bazooka – to take on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are being used to smuggle drugs, drop bombs, spy on enemy lines or buzz public spaces. The arms race is fed in part by the slow pace of government regulation for drones. In Australia, for...

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